Friday, May 20, 2011

These past five months.

Here's those pictures from our holiday last year.

Megan's centerpiece creation!

Christmas morning.

too close?

awkward angle. my bad


Authentic Charleston row house. Complete with Caribbean blue ceilings to ward of unwanted spirits.

yes, that would be a beach.

my dad says I could be a model?

My sister gave birth to twin fraternal boys, Beckett and Aiden in March. They are officially a family of five now. No pressure for us, Devin :)

they're so different already!

Parker joined in on the fun.

Beckett's sporting the blue bow which leaves Adien with the green.

Devin was accepted to not one, but BOTH podiatry schools he applied to. Des Moines University which is located in, that's right, Des Moines, Iowa...and Temple University, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not only was he accepted, BOTH schools offered him a partial scholarship! (partial being like 1/8 tuition coverage, but hey it's something). Thanks guys!

Drum roll, please.



dah dumnnnn


Des Moines University is the winner!!!!

So we'll be packing our cars once again and heading out West (sometime late July is the plan). Henry is especially excited.

Speaking of Henry, the cats are doing fine. We recently switched their food from Nutro Salmon flavor to Blue Buffalo Chicken flavor. They seem to really like it. So much in fact that we recently had to purchase a "slow-down" feeder bowl, which will hopefully slow down (Henry in particular) their consumption.

And, not to brag or anything, but Devin scored four free Oriole's ticket's for tonight's game against the Nats. Not only were they free, the SEATS are supposed to be amazing- 1st row. The best part- this all came with a parking pass. Sweet.

Now hopefully mother nature will reconsider and decide to shine instead of thunder. Fingers crossed.

How will you be celebrating Doom's day?