Wednesday, February 1, 2012

let's talk about how smart we are plus other random things

I don't know what to blog about. I asked Devin and he said I should write about how smart he is.

The truth is, he's really smart. I "helped" him studying for his last test in Micro/Virology/Immunology which he had to memorize like I don't know a million different viruses, bacteria, and parasites and he passed with flying colors.

So smart.

Well, I'm kinda smart too. I'm officially back in school. I'm planning on pursuing an ASN degree in nursing, and if all goes well I should graduate May 2014 (exactly one year from Devin's graduation). Anyways, I'm only taking one class now, Anatomy, and it's AMAZING. Let me just say that the human body is spectacular. I mean we just finished a chapter on bones, and the design of the compact bone (the outer layer of bone) is just brilliant.

My first test was two weeks ago, and I got the highest grade in the class, a 103%. I was pretty proud until I overheard some girls in the back whisper, "Ew someone got a 103%?"

Yea, I'm kinda a nerd like that.

In other news, well there really isn't any other news other than we still have two cats named Henry and Lucy and I'm still not pregnant.

But I did receive a sweet church calling. I'm the official library assistant for the Des Moines 2nd Ward.

Best... Calling.... Ever.