Monday, September 12, 2011

F is for free.

If you like free stuff (who doesn't?) then check out this link:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Because I know ya'll are just dying to know...

At three years Henry:

- loves to stick his paw into the printer and pull the sheets out.
- loves to lay on top of random things (keyboard, mouse, keyboard and mouse) because it's comfortable to him?
- weighs like 20 pounds
- has to be the first to eat every time new food comes into the bowl. He makes Lucy wait.
- loves to hang around, bathe in the sun, and just be awesome.
- still hates Heidi.

At three years Lucy:

- loves to lay in the sun and look out the window.
- is afraid of her own shadow.
- refuses to leave the basement unless forced.
- weights like 10 pounds.
- very cautious and passive.
- tolerant, let's Henry pounce on her and eat before her.
- loves to nudge all up on Devin's beard.
- still hates Heidi with a passion (an sometimes Henry).

Tomorrow's my birthday, so make sure you wish me a Happy Birthday! And we're leaving in like two days! First stop, Chicago on Sunday, then Des Moines on Monday where we'll be for the next three years.

Friday, May 20, 2011

These past five months.

Here's those pictures from our holiday last year.

Megan's centerpiece creation!

Christmas morning.

too close?

awkward angle. my bad


Authentic Charleston row house. Complete with Caribbean blue ceilings to ward of unwanted spirits.

yes, that would be a beach.

my dad says I could be a model?

My sister gave birth to twin fraternal boys, Beckett and Aiden in March. They are officially a family of five now. No pressure for us, Devin :)

they're so different already!

Parker joined in on the fun.

Beckett's sporting the blue bow which leaves Adien with the green.

Devin was accepted to not one, but BOTH podiatry schools he applied to. Des Moines University which is located in, that's right, Des Moines, Iowa...and Temple University, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not only was he accepted, BOTH schools offered him a partial scholarship! (partial being like 1/8 tuition coverage, but hey it's something). Thanks guys!

Drum roll, please.



dah dumnnnn


Des Moines University is the winner!!!!

So we'll be packing our cars once again and heading out West (sometime late July is the plan). Henry is especially excited.

Speaking of Henry, the cats are doing fine. We recently switched their food from Nutro Salmon flavor to Blue Buffalo Chicken flavor. They seem to really like it. So much in fact that we recently had to purchase a "slow-down" feeder bowl, which will hopefully slow down (Henry in particular) their consumption.

And, not to brag or anything, but Devin scored four free Oriole's ticket's for tonight's game against the Nats. Not only were they free, the SEATS are supposed to be amazing- 1st row. The best part- this all came with a parking pass. Sweet.

Now hopefully mother nature will reconsider and decide to shine instead of thunder. Fingers crossed.

How will you be celebrating Doom's day?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Pictures of our Holiday will be posted following this one.

Christmas in the south was:

an assortment of the best foods I've ever eaten (pistachio cake, um yum. key lime pie, barbecue...which in the south means pulled pork (right?). So I am a HUGE fan of barbecue, which should not be mistaken for a cook out.. which means grilling hot dogs and hamburgers...yuck). Oh and I can't forget about the rice and hash. And my new favorite, collared greens.

I made sure to eat lots of collared greens, as they are a representation of $$$$ bills.

And we could use all the money we could get.

Now back to the description of Christmas:

So, Loud.
Fireworks and Roman Candle fights. (well I just watched).
Football, football, and more football. I've had a lot of people ask me whether or not I like football (maybe because Devin likes it so much?) here's my answer. It depends on the day and who's playing/team rank. So, if Morgan State was playing Duke on a Saturday night, chances are I won't be interested.

Dancing- Devin and I went to this New Years Eve dance at the Stake Center. And we were probably two of like twenty in attendance. It was sorta lame, but the music was good and I got to slow dance with Devin which always makes me SMILE :)

And lastly, our Holiday was pretty loud.

But I loved almost every minute of my time spent down South.
(P.S. I told Devin last night that I miss his house and having so many people around at once). It's true.

Now it's back to the slow and painful adjustment to reality.

At least I have the day off tomorrow- and still getting paid for it. score!

Oh yea, and Devin and I spent one day in Charleston. Fun fact (As Ted Mosby would say) Did you know Charleston is nick-named the Holy City. Why? Well because there are about 100 churches in the peninsula alone.

Pretty cool.

Hillary out.