Thursday, July 21, 2011

Because I know ya'll are just dying to know...

At three years Henry:

- loves to stick his paw into the printer and pull the sheets out.
- loves to lay on top of random things (keyboard, mouse, keyboard and mouse) because it's comfortable to him?
- weighs like 20 pounds
- has to be the first to eat every time new food comes into the bowl. He makes Lucy wait.
- loves to hang around, bathe in the sun, and just be awesome.
- still hates Heidi.

At three years Lucy:

- loves to lay in the sun and look out the window.
- is afraid of her own shadow.
- refuses to leave the basement unless forced.
- weights like 10 pounds.
- very cautious and passive.
- tolerant, let's Henry pounce on her and eat before her.
- loves to nudge all up on Devin's beard.
- still hates Heidi with a passion (an sometimes Henry).

Tomorrow's my birthday, so make sure you wish me a Happy Birthday! And we're leaving in like two days! First stop, Chicago on Sunday, then Des Moines on Monday where we'll be for the next three years.

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