Friday, December 3, 2010


Babies (and children) have been on my mind lately. Maybe it has to do something with nannying- I'm always around children and I absolutely love it.

And they love me- I just love when they smile back!

I've come up with a fantastic list of baby names- I love all eight.

Devin, it looks like we're having eight kids!

Happiness for today (is) Christmas deals.

Not so cool (is) temper tantrums in the library.

Man, I wish I could sing like this girl can sing.


  1. you left us hanging. let's see "the list"

  2. yeah, i wanna hear the 8 names. and temper tantrums are no fun. I just ignore it, unless we are in a crowded place, then I deal with it quietly. What did you do?