Monday, November 12, 2012

Post Election Thoughts

The funniest thing I think is that after billions and billions of dollars spent, everything remained the same.  One of my friends asked me, "do you really think that America will go to the dumps now?"  referring to my facebook status and more dramatic people commenting as well.  The answer depends.  For lower middle income, yes, your life will suck.  I think from the last four years there are a few things we know with certainly will happen.  Things will be rough for the middle class.  Because Obama plans to continue shutting down major coal plants, energy prices will go up.  Because he blocks drilling, gas prices will go up.  It seems as if he doesn't care too much about the economy with all the things he plans to do.  If taxes go up, then hiring will slow and we probably will enter another recession.  I say recession because hiring is about as slow as it can get.  Last month we gained a net total of 1000 jobs. seems that this hurts Lauren a lot for reasons she listed on her blog.  For us it doesn't hurt too much, in fact Obama's re-election may help us because housing prices will not increase (they may even decrease some more) so when we are ready to buy prices will still be really low.  Everyone will be forced to buy insurance so that will make me more busy as a podiatrist.  However, the election wasn't about me, it was about everyone and I feel bad for those people that can't afford insurance, but now are forced to buy it.  I feel bad for those seniors who will loose their doctors because the decreased medicare payments.  I will not be accepting medicaid or medicare now so hopefully physicians are not forced to accept it because then we'd have a massive physician shortage with everyone quitting because they would be losing money if they kept practicing.  I feel bad for those people that will continue to struggle to find work.  Oh well, I suppose that is the direction people thought was best. 

Last Monday we got some parenting practice because my friend and his wife went out for their birthdays.

 Happy baby.

 Scared baby. 

Also, because we still love our kitties.  Here's Lucy sticking her tongue out and Henry being sleepy. 

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