Thursday, October 18, 2012

By popular demand: more controversial topics.

I am conservative because I care about people.  I care about the middle class that have been forced into poverty by B. Hussein Obama.  The hard working fathers or mothers that have been trying to find a job, but can't because of the over regulation, energy policies, fear of new tax burdens from the current president.  I care about people that are too disabled or to young to care for themselves.  Like babies.  More specifically babies that haven't been born yet.

A classmate of mine posted this on facebook and I think it is hilarious:

"This isn't a rant, I'm truly asking those in favor of abortion (or against, anyone, really) where this line is. If a father wants a child but the mother doesn't, she gets the say? If the father doesn't, but the mother does, now all of a sudden he owes child support? I don't see it. Am I misunderstanding all of how these laws work?"

Kind of funny, right?  Most people know that abortion is wrong.  There is no way around that.  That's why even people that say they are pro abortion always say afterwards, "but I would never have one!"  Really?  So it's okay for someone else to have one, but you would never have one...because you're better than that?  You often see crazy Christian protesters with signs "Abortion is murder."  But when you think about it, they are right.  You are stopping a beating heart.  You are killing a helpless, defenseless being.  That's why Cristina Yang felt like crap after she had her abortion on Grey's Anatomy.  Why do all the commercials say "women want to have control over their own body."   I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but medically if someone has their own heart, it's not your body.  It's your child's body.  If you want to "have control over your body" by having unprotected sex out of wedlock, then you can bear the consequences.  That's why Mitt's stance on abortion is the correct one: abortion is wrong except in cases of rape, incest, or risk of mother.


  1. i totally agree. abortion makes me sick - honestly thinking about the process makes me feel awful. it really is murder and stopping a life from coming here to earth. totally agaisnt god's plan. its a horrible practice that should be illegal everywhere.

  2. If abortion is soooooooo wrong and sick, WHY is it ok to stop a beating heart in the cases of rape and incest? Also -- if you want to be in line with the LDS Church, they now say it's okay in the case of a physical deformity that would mean the baby would die soon after birth.

    Most abortions happen in the first few weeks, and involve little more than taking a pill and having a heavy period that might also include a mass of cells that could potentially contain a embryo. And if access was more readily available, there would be fewer later abortions. Also, how do you judge rape? What is a woman is coerced but not physically forced? That is technically rape by definition. What if she is drunk? Technically rape. What if she is in an abusive relationship and can't get out and gets pregnant but doesn't want to bring the child into such a household? What is her IUD fails? What if she's a drug addict? Abortion is not simply for irresponsible teens who don't use birth control.

    I also stopped saying "I agree with abortion, but I would never have one" because you know what, maybe I would someday if the situation arose where I wasn't in a position to care for a child in a loving household. Who knows what life might bring?