Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Black Friday

Hillary and I had a best buy gift card that we had to use by December, so we figured the best time to use it would be on Black Friday.  After looking around for things, there was nothing that we needed so we got a Blu Ray player and the Hunger Games blu ray.  

We then went to check out some baby clothes at Old Navy.   I was being a guy and just standing around with the cart reading the Hungry Games blu ray and it said "also includes free digital copy for phone or computer."  This was cool so I said it out loud to my mom and Hillary, "hey, this includes a digital copy so I'm going to put it on my phone."  I looked up and they were no where around, but there was this other lady that was standing there.  

She replied, "Oh, did you just get that?"
"Here or at Best Buy?"
"Best Buy."
"I would have thought they would have been sold out of those." And then she walked away awkwardly.

Half way through the conversation I was like, "why was this lady talking to me?" Then I realized I was the one who initiated this conversation.  A while later we decided to eat at Panera for lunch.  There were no parking spots so I had to park on the side of the lot.  I was standing by the door watching my car and making sure it wasn't in the way when a lady walked up so I opened the door.  The lady said, "Oh look at you, such a good door holder!"  It was the same lady.  A little while later I realized and I'm pretty sure she thought I was mentally handicap. On the way to Madison, there was this:

I guess you don't need a truck to go hunting...