Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Misfortune Makes A Good Read

As I'm sure you've heard about if you watch the news, this happened last night: 

After taking Colby to the airport, Hillary wanted to go to Hobby Lobby.  As we're driving, the roads are getting pretty bad.  If we still had the Audi, it would have been no big deal, but the Passat is horrible in the snow.  The tires aren't the best, 2 wheel drive, etc.  On the way back home, we were driving down a street with not many cars - luckily.  Driving about 15 or 20 mph down a hill the car started to drift to the left, I let out an expletive as we hopped over the curb in the grass sliding for the light pole.  However, being such an amazing driver, with some interesting e-brake/down-shifting/wheel turning maneuvers I dodged the pole and got us back on the street and stopped the car in time for the 4 way stop a about 30 yards ahead. 

 Henry's first steps in the snow.  He did not like it and sprinted back inside. 

Antagonizes Henry is fun.

We made it home and started watching Scrubs when the power went out at 10:30.  We figured that it would be out all night since it was suppose to snow all night and decided to move all the fridge food to the freezer and the freezer food outside and went to bed forgetting that the light switches were in the 'on' position. At 2 AM all the lights in the apartment turned on and woke us up.  It was kind of funny, but it's a good thing because we had some things in the freezer that couldn't freeze.  So I got up and moved everything back.  The End.  

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  1. That's a great story. Are you going to start blogging about your baby now? :)