Thursday, July 11, 2013

Done with Part I Boards

The feeling of relief is grand.  Although I will not know if I passed until August, it still feels good to get a break from studying.  I did enjoy taking a 4 hour break-less test with a video camera pointed at me the whole time.  I start seeing patients again July 22nd so Hillary and I will have to look at our schedules to see if they line up with her school and mine to minimize Emma's day care days.  Amazingly, she hasn't been to day care yet, but I think in September she will have to go 1 day a week or so.  Emma is growing up big and strong.  She loves the pool, rolling over, and throwing up every where.  Her hair is getting lighter from the dark brown/black it was when she was born.  Here are some photos.

I walk in one day and she's sitting up.

We went to the Des Moines Art Festival and listened to some music and ate some food.  Didn't look at any art though, too boring...Which reminds me of a funny story:  We were walking and I said to Hillary, "just think, this time next year you will be going to this thing by yourself."  Because I will be on rotations in Georgia.  And this guy turned around and started laughing and was like "is it really that bad?"  Thinking that I wasn't coming next year because it was lame.  But it was pretty fun.

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