Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am a shopaholic, coming from the mouth of my husband (in reference to me of course).

Today I went to the Raleigh Flea Market (now I can cross this of my list, see previous post) and bought a McCoy 1940's pitcher and a little something for my nephew Parker (because his birthday was about a month ago and I have yet to send him something! Christa- you will be getting a package in the mail hopefully soon!).

My problem is not so much throwing down a bunch of money on a single item because well, we don't have lots of money for me to do this even if I wanted to (blessing in disguise).

My problem is this...I'm a sucker for a great deal. Two pair of St. John's Bay Kaki shorts at 13 dollars each? Okay!! (for Devin) And brand name shirts from J Crew and Gap for about 15 dollars, sounds good to me. (some of my more recent purchases).

I feel the need to always buy, buy, buy. Maybe it's that fact that I'm completely BORED all the time but it's got to stop.

My alternative ideas to shopping have failed me: walks in the park, boring after awhile and makes me wish we owned a dog (which is out of the question for right now and costs $$$). Crafts? Well you've seen my posts on that, still costs $$$.

At least I have a part time job now that will keep me away from the malls for two days out of the week.

I need to find something fun, exciting and most importantly FREE to fill up the rest of my days. Any suggestions?

The pitcher from the flea market. At least I have fabulous taste.


  1. I love that pitcher! Where is this flea market!? And I love shopping for good deals too, its a struggle not to want to spend all our money, haha!

  2. pretty burp cloths cost about two dollars to make. simple hairbows are cheap too, and you can find good sales on scrapbooking stuff. hobby lobby usually has pretty good sales. can you sew?

  3. Sorry, Hillary....Devin sounds like his Dad. And I always loved to shop. That's why we still don't have money:)

  4. Jenn- the flea market is right off of blue ridge road in Raleigh, by the dollar theater. It's like ten minutes away which is great! And open every Saturday and Sunday until 6 pm I think.

    Kelly- thanks for the ideas!

    Suzanne- ah, it's a fun yet dangerous (can be) habit!