Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The weather was actually really nice today.

Today was just another ordinary day.

Cooking, cleaning, shopping (with store credit. Devin was even there to make sure I didn't go over!), reading, and laundry.

Oh yes, laundry.

While unloading the dryer I heard a faint "meow" in the background. I turned my head and saw


perched in the linen closet.

He's always full of surprises. One time he even managed to climb his way up to the top base of our kitchen cabinets. And they rest high I tell ya, high.

Let's see. I've also found him on top of the highest shelf in our closet.

And once in the dryer.

The best part is when he tries to come down. Sometimes I help him out, but most of the time he finds his way on his own.

mmm, rawr.

Henry, you are a joy.

(we're spooning as I write this).

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