Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Henry is CRAZY.

having cats is preparing me for kids! people laugh at this, but it's true. about three nights ago henry woke me up every hour it seemed like. this is unusual because when we go to bed, lucy and henry know not to bother us until the morning. they hop down and lucy sleeps in her cage or her pillow and henry sleeps in his cage. sometimes they will hop up on the bed and sleep on our pillows because i sleep at the very edge of mine, but they still don't bother us. but this night was bad. henry was pawing me and meowing so loudly non stop and licking the back of my neck (i think he knows this is super annoying). i threw him off every time and then realized that something was probably wrong. at about 4 in the morning i got up, checked the food bowl and sure enough, it was empty. i filled up the bowl and wasn't bothered the rest of the night.

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