Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Heart NJ.

Change and I have a weird relationship. And most of the time, I don't like it.

The most recent change in our lives has been leaving Utah- permanently. We always knew that Utah would just be a temporary place, but I guess the saying it true "You never truly miss something until it's gone." (well, something like that).

Maybe I don't miss Utah itself but what I do miss is- family, friends, not having to use a GPS 24/7, familiarity, the mountains, J-Dawgs, Brick Oven, Guru's, Los Hermanos, BYU ice cream and pulled pork sandwiches, and of course Cafe Rio (because Moe's just doesn't cut it).

Towards the end, Devin was especially excited about leaving. All he kept saying was "I can't believe our time here is almost up. And the best part is we're never coming  back!" Even I found myself saying how much I can't wait to leave.

But now I miss it. Sigh. And the saddest part of all is not knowing if or when we will ever be back.

Ted Mosby on change (from the TV show How I Met Your Mother- I suggest watching this by the way)...."We're going to get older no matter what, so the question is whether we want to get on with our lives or desperately cling to the past..."

Well I choose to desperately cling to the past.

j/k :)

Oh, and Happy Pioneer Day!

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